Gästehaus Zeranka in Ruhpolding, Bayern          

Ruhpolding and surroundings

Ruhpolding, with his 6500 inhabitants, is a beautiful romantically dreamy village in Upper Bavaria which offers nature purely at every season. Ruhpolding has a lot of nice restaurants and pastry shops which will fulfill all your needs.

Were can you spend a more beautiful, more enjoyable holiday than in picturesque Ruhpolding, Germany? But what exactly differentiates a holiday in Ruhpolding from a holiday elsewhere in Bavaria? There are so many things, you can’t even count them all! A holiday in Ruhpolding is simply a recipe for success: take a totally lovely holiday location with friendly residents and a long history of hospitality, add a big portion of pristine nature, season with countless possibilities for action and activity and add a bit of culture and some attractions to taste - and voilà, your Bavaria holiday in Ruhpolding is ready!  

Some photos of our special surroundings